Mom-tographer Workshop: An Intro to Using Your DSLR

March 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It is so bittersweet that my baby is almost 1 year old!  I keep thinking back to how tiny Grace was when she was born and thinking through all the milestones she has had and how much she has grown and changed.  It is so incredible to see her learn new things.  She is starting to get good at communicating and it truly amazes me that she can understand what I am asking her and answer back (even though it may be in a language that only she and I understand… I know what she means!).  When I think back to those first few weeks and how it was rare to even see her beautiful eyes open, I can't believe that my baby is now crawling, pulling herself up to stand, and telling me she wants more Chipotle!  

I have been pretty good at taking pictures of her in her first year, and I have hired two professional photographers so that I can make sure I am IN some of the pictures too!  Those photos I will just treasure forever, because sadly we will never get that time back.  I am guilty though… and I know you are too…. of taking too many pictures on my iPhone and not with my real camera!  So yesterday I challenged myself to just PICK UP my DSLR and grab a few quick shots.  Nothing styled, nothing posed (okay, I guess the first one was posed!).  Just Grace in her crib, playing peek-a-boo with me, laughing, flashing those two bottom teeth, and looking so proud that she is standing up on her own.  I absolutely LOVE these photos- because they are so HER!

If you bought a DSLR thinking that it would "take nice pictures," but came to find that those pictures don't look much better than your iPhone snap shots, I can help!  I am teaming up with my friend Valarie Gatti from Valarie Gatti Photography to teach you the basics on how to use your DSLR to take better photos.  You will learn how to take your camera out of auto mode and set your own ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.  We will teach you how to use light and about composition so that you can get those beautiful shots you were hoping for when you invested in your camera.

Check out the info below, then look at the adorable shots of Grace I took yesterday, and then email me at to book your spot!

While I would love to help you learn to take better pictures of your kids, there is no replacement for a professional photographer!  Contact me here to schedule your next photography session :)


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